Home Energy Audit

What is a Home Energy Audit?

A Home Performance Energy Audit is a comprehensive, whole-house approach to identifying the primary sources that are making your home energy usage inefficient, uncomfortable and potentially unhealthy.

Our certified Energy Auditors will perform a thorough examination of your home, assessing overall performance, check for any zone pressure and combustion analysis issues in the home and energy efficiency. The auditor will complete a series of tests, using a variety of diagnostic devices (Thermal Imaging, Blower Door, etc.) to accurately measure the performance of your home. The tests will assist in revealing any concealed energy leaks or unhealthy conditions that are reducing the efficiency, comfort and safety of your home.

Following the energy audit, the auditor will present you with a customized summary of findings and will discuss the comfort and energy deficiencies identified in your home. From the findings, the auditor will suggest a series of improvements that will help you create a healthier, more comfortable home that is more energy efficient and environmentally sustainable. Many Utility companies offer rebates and Incentives for repairs if an Audit recommends the improvement.

Indoor Climate Solutions is ready to help you determine if your home is working with or against your heating & cooling systems! Call us today!

BPI Certified

BPI tests and certifies individuals to verify that they meet the need for a highly trained, skilled home performance workforce.

The technicians and installers at Indoor Climate Solutions are BPI Certified

There are numerous benefits to having an energy audit preformed! Call Indoor Climate Solutions today and schedule yours!

Why do an Energy Audit

  • Discover why your home is too hot in summer and too cold in winter
  • Does your home suffer from moisture problems or air leakage?
  • Find out about cost effective solutions that improve the comfort of your home while saving you money
  • Find out if a home improvement you are considering financially makes sense or will solve your particular concern
  • If dust, asthma or allergies are a problem in your home
  • Your energy bills are a lot higher than you expected
  • Just can’t seem to figure out why areas of your home feel uncomfortable
  • Maybe your house is ready for improvements and you just need help on where to begin

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