DTE Energy - Residential Energy Efficiency Program

Valid: 01-01-2011

Amount: $0.00 to $1000.00


15+ SEER Central AC: $150

Natural Gas Furnace 95 - 95.99%: $200

Natural Gas Furnace 96 - 96.99%: $250

Natural Gas Furnace 97+%: $300

Natural Gas Furnace With ECM Blowers: $100

Natural Gas Boiler 90+%: $1000

Natural Gas Water Heater EF.67 or Higher: $75

Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater EF.82 or Higher: $100

Air Sealing: up to $150

Floor Insulation: $50 - $100

Bandjoist Insulation: $50 - $100 

Above Grade Wall/Knee Wall Insulation: $125 - $250

Crawl Space Wall Insulation: $50 - $100

Ceiling Insulation: $125 - $250

Window Replacement: $30/window; $60/picture window or sliding glass door

Programmable Thermostat: $10-$20

Refrigerator Recycling: $40

Clothes Washer: $25 - $50

Dehumidifier and A/C Recycling: $20

Home Energy Audit: Up to $150

Furnace: $400

Furnace Tune-up: $50

Boiler: $450

Storage Water Heater: $75

Tankless Water Heater: $100


Equipment Requirements:


Windows must be recognized/rated by NFRC (National Fenestration Rating Council) and ENERGY STAR

Insulation must be recognized/rated by the ASTM (American Society Testing Measurement 

DTE offers a combination of energy audit discounts and rebates for the installation of energy efficiency improvements in Detroit Edison Electric and Michigan Consolidated Gas Co. service areas. Actual rebate levels vary according to whether the customer receives MichCon gas, DTE electric service, or both. Eligible measures and equipment includes clothes washers, dehumidifiers, programmable thermostats, energy audits, insulation, room air conditioning, appliance recycling, furnaces, boilers, air sealing, and energy audits. Customers should check the program web site for details (see rebate chart). Heating system applications must be filled out separately from Home Energy Audit offers. Rebates also vary based by equipment size and efficiency. 


The application and supporting documentation must be received within 30 days of audit completion, and sales invoices or paid receipts must accompany applications. All equipment must be purchased and installed prior to application submission. Customers must utilize gas distribution service from MichCon and/or electricity distribution service from Detroit Edison to be eligible for cash rebates for the purchase and installation of energy efficiency measures. An invoice itemizing the purchased equipment and/or services provided must accompany this application. Payment processing may take 6-8 weeks or longer if information is incomplete or inaccurate. 


In addition to low income weatherization programs, the Multifamily Dwelling Program offers upgrades in units and common areas for buildings with 5 or more units. Common area improvements include assistance with fluorescent lighting retrofits, lighting controls/sensors, and outdoor/safety lighting. Inside units, tenants can receive upgrades to CFLs, pipe wrap insulation, and water saving devices. Participation is first come-first serve, and an energy audit should be completed prior to installations. More information at 866-796-0512