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"I was told I have to pay $320.00 for my both properties now I see the invoices $335.00. Today he came back to check the work he missed last time. I was told by the city of gr inspector that the pipe was wrong. I am very disappointed that I had to drive there this afternoon, and now I have been charged extra. Btw I was told today this is private own business and doesn't ripped people off. I am Very confused how this happen!!!!!!"
F . B from Kentwood, MI on November 23rd, 2016
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"The best as always! Thanks for being so accessible and responsive to the needed repairs."
k . v from Grand Rapids, MI on November 23rd, 2016
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"Furnace is working fine. I suspect that the fan might not have been working 100% in the past because now our home is much warmer as it was lately. "
R . m from Grand Rapids , MI on November 23rd, 2016
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"Great service. I called this morning at and someone was at my house a little after 10:00 AM. Technician knew what the problem was immediately, even though it seemed like the furnace had started working again (which it hadn't). Quick fix, but it saved me from having to call him again later when the problem would have resurfaced. Thanks!"
B . D from Grand Rapids, MI on November 21st, 2016
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"thumbs up ... would recommend ICS to anyone needing your services.!!"
K . D from Belmont, MI on October 23rd, 2016
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"You guys rock "
M . W from Ada, MI on October 21st, 2016
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"I recommend Indoor Climate Solutions - the service was great! Efficient, knowledgable and friendly."
C . C from Alto, MI on October 6th, 2016
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"Problem resolved quickly and no follow-up required."
M . B from Grand Rapids, MI on September 14th, 2016
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"Did nice work at a benevolent price. Payment was mailed earlier in the week."
. M from Alto, MI on September 8th, 2016
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"Thumbs up!"
A . R from Middleville , MI on August 9th, 2016
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